Water is in every cell of the human body. In fact, the adult human body is up to 60% water, making water vital to life; it is the key to a number of essential functions. When a person does not have enough water in his or her body, they will suffer from what’s called dehydration. A person will need to add fluids back to the body to maintain health and wellness. Some experiences that can lead to dehydration are:

  • being ill,
  • overexercising,
  • spending too much time in the heat without drinking enough,
  • traveling (especially by plane which subjects people to a reduced-oxygen, low-humidity environment ),
  • drinking alcohol excessively,
  • and more.

How can I rehydrate?

Sometimes a person can rehydrate simply by drinking extra water and/or “sports drinks” containing electrolytes (essential minerals that help with hydration by regulating the flow of water to your cells). But sometimes he or she will require IV fluids when they become dehydrated–in some cases, IV fluids are a better option for rehydration than trying to drink more water. IV hydration is provided in hospital settings for those with medical needs, but is also available at medical spas and therapeutic health facilities for people who opt to receive fluids outside of normal medical care or emergency needs.

So, what is IV hydration therapy anyways?

IV hydration therapy has been used in mainstream medicine for years, to treat patients who suffer from fluid loss for any reason. It allows people to receive fluids directly into their bloodstream as needed. IV hydration therapy can be used to treat people of any age to prevent or remedy dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. There are different types of IV fluids, with varying combinations of vitamins and minerals in each (and sometimes medication); so there are options for rehydration depending on personal needs.

The IV Hydration Therapy Advantage

There are many reasons to choose rehydration via IV hydration therapy. Rehydration through an IV is a common procedure that is simple and safe. The most significant advantage of choosing IV hydration is that the fluids are delivered directly into the bloodstream, rather than having to go through the digestive system first as beverages do. This makes a difference because one’s gut does not always absorb nutrients efficiently and effectively; some nutrients are left behind in the digestive tract. IV hydration allows more nutrients to be absorbed more immediately, as well as allowing rehydration to occur faster.

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is essential for life. But drinking water or sports drinks is not the only option when it comes to combating dehydration. While drinking plenty of fluids (particularly water) can help to replenish depleted fluids, IV hydration therapy is another excellent way to accomplish rehydration.

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