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What is IV Hydration Therapy?

 IV hydration therapy allows for the direct administration of fluids into your bloodstream via an intravenous (IV) line inserted into a vein. Although often perceived as a recent health and wellness trend, IV therapy has been a longstanding practice in conventional medicine for addressing electrolyte imbalances and dehydration.

Benefits of IV Hydration Therapy

The primary advantage of IV hydration therapy lies in its ability to bypass the digestive system, directly supplying nutrients to the bloodstream. This is particularly crucial as the gut may not always fully absorb nutrients, especially in the presence of gastrointestina. 

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Our IV Hydration Drips

iv hydration sacramento

Never Again


iv hydration sacramento


Beauty Drip

iv hydration sacramento

The Pick Me Up


iv hydration sacramento

Glow Up

Skin Brightening

iv hydration sacramento

The Quencher


iv hydration sacramento

Under The Weather

Immune Booster

Experience the ultimate collaboration between

Humble Hydration and Booze Bandage!


It is a revolutionary transdermal patch designed to combat hangovers! Say goodbye to wasted days and embrace a vibrant life without the aftermath of a night out. Booze Bandage transdermal patch utilizes advanced medicinal adhesive technology, delivering targeted vitamin infusion directly through the skin and into your bloodstream. Explore this game-changing solution at our studio location, as an add-on to our mobile services, or conveniently grab one during our local events

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Types of Drips

Beauty Drip "Goodlookin"

Helps improve hair, skin, and nails. It includes Vitamin C, (Vita Complex) B Complex and Biotin.

Energy "The Pick Me Up"

Relief from fatigue and Jet Lag Symptoms. It’s given for someone that needs a pick me up.

Hangover "Never Again"

For hangovers (can be used for some issues with cramping and migraines) it includes B Complex, Glutathione, Toradol, and Zofran.

NS Drip "The Quencher"

For people that are truly just dehydrated. This includes Sodium Chloride (Normal Saline) and Lactated Ringers for those people that need the electrolytes replenished.

Antioxidant "The Glow Up"

See immediate benefits for their skin, often times lightening the skin complexion to a more desirable skin tone.

Cold & Flu "Under The Weather"

This is a drip that includes Vitamin C, B Complex, and Zinc. Decreases the length of illness, speeds up healing, boosts immunity, and aids in infection prevention. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for my infusion appointment?

Wear comfortable clothing to allow us to roll up above your elbow to allow adequate access to your arm. Be prepared to relax and enjoy!

Should I eat before I go to my appointment?

Yes, please have a little something to eat prior to your appointment arrival. Some of the vitamins and minerals can have a temporary blood sugar, and blood pressure lowering  effect, which can make you feel light headed during or after your IV if you haven’t eaten.

Who administers the IV Infusion or IM injections?

Our staff has a team of well-trained and experienced Registered Nurses who administer and monitor while receiving all infusions or injections from beginning to end.

How long will an infusion take?

An IV infusion can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 1⁄2 hours depending on client tolerance, and or the drip receiving.

What can I expect during my IV infusion?

During the IV infusion you may experience cold or a tingling from sensation in your fingertips up your arm and into your chest. The vitamins infused can also be tasted or smelled; they are frequently described as having a metallic taste. These feelings can be anticipated and are typically tolerable throughout the infusion and go away immediately after your infusion is complete.

What if I don’t feel good during my infusion?

Please let our team know promptly if you experience burning, stinging, aching, nausea, or light-headedness. It is our priority to improve your comfort and we have options to alleviate some of those symptoms.

What if I need to stop my IV infusion immediately because I have somewhere to be?

Not a problem! Our team would be more than happy to accommodate. You will still be charged for the service, however if/when you plan to return, we can discuss options to prevent a total monetary loss.

Can I go about my day after getting and IV infusion?

Yes! You can resume all daily activities. We do encourage you do continue to stay well hydrated and implement healthy food choices following treatment.

How will I feel after the IV infusion?

Everyone is different! Yet, increased energy, mental alertness, and overall well-being are reported immediately following IV therapy. However, some effects may be subtle or not noticeable until the next day or days after treatment. Additional IV infusion may be warranted before you notice a difference.

What if I don’t feel well after an IV infusion?

IV therapy introduces high doses of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids directly into the bloodstream, where they easily cross cell membranes and & ‘kick-start’ cellular metabolism. As a result, it is normal to feel mild fatigue, headache, nausea, or lightheadedness after your IV treatment. This is especially common after your first few IV treatments, as your body works to clear any metabolic waste products that have accumulated. Please don’t hesitate to contact our staff to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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