Athletes perform at the highest, most intense levels at all times. When they are training and competing, they challenge themselves, pushing their bodies to the limit. Whether they participate in traditional or extreme sports, endurance sports or acrobatic sports, ball sports or any others, all athletes have to keep themselves in top physical condition. The intensity of their workouts and competitions requires athletes to stay hydrated; athletes need fluids and minerals lost through sweating to be replaced and sore and aching muscles to be restored during every period of recovery. 

While drinking water and electrolyte beverages can help, many serious athletes often turn to other ways to rehydrate and restore nutrients needed to perform at the most optimal level possible. In recent years, IV hydration therapy for athletes has been in the spotlight, growing in popularity more and more because it is a safe, efficient, and effective way to recover. Many athletes use IV hydration therapy as a way to absorb extra fluids for quick rehydration before and between training sessions, as well as during the recovery phase after intense athletic competitions or strenuous exercise.

Humble Hydration’s Athletic Performance Drip

“The MVP” IV Drip is a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to reduce cramping risk, increase metabolic rate, reduce dehydration effects, reduce muscle loss, and rehydrate the body. It can improve athletic performance and help with recovery.

The IV drip includes the following:

  • B complex,
  • B12, and
  • Magnesium.

“Boosters” can be added to the drip, according to each athlete’s needs. These include:

  • Amino Blend,
  • L-Carnitine,
  • Glutathione, and
  • Vitamin C.

These boosters can help to burn fat, increase metabolism, and increase immunity. 


For athletes who want to recover more effectively and efficiently from workouts, an IV drip can provide a concentrated dose of the amino acids and vitamins needed to support the rebuilding of muscles to decrease soreness. Further, it can help build strength and improve overall performance rapidly. If you are an athlete who wants to achieve maximum output, reduce muscle soreness, and recover faster from exercise and athletic endeavors, IV hydration therapy might be just what you need. Whether you use an IV drip before you engage in training or competitions or after intense physical activity, it can help you train better, recover faster, and meet your fitness goals more quickly, so you are more successful than ever.

Because you want to train effectively and compete at your best as an athlete, it behooves you to inquire about IV hydration therapy. A customized nutrition-rich solution administered via IV drip can help with both your overall sports performance and your recovery by supplying your body with the vitamins, minerals, and fluids it needs to function at the highest level. IV hydration therapy can optimize your nutrition to provide a boost before workouts and improve post-workout recovery by restoring the body’s electrolyte and hydration levels.

If you are an athlete interested in IV hydration therapy, don’t hesitate to reach out to the health and wellness professionals at Humble Hydration & Wellness to inquire about “The MVP,” their Athletic Performance Drip. Humble Hydration & Wellness is a concierge IV hydration provider based in the Sacramento, CA area. Please contact Humble Hydration & Wellness online at any time, or by calling 916-937-3094

IV Hydration Therapy for Athletes