Why Are Micronutrients Important? Generally defined, micronutrients are minerals and vitamins that the body needs in small amounts. The overall impact of micronutrients on bodily health, however, are critical, and if there is any amount of deficiency in any of them can result in conditions that can range from severe and life-threatening. These nutrients are designed to perform different functions such as getting the body to produce hormones, enzymes, and other additional substances that are otherwise needed for normal development and growth. Some of the most common deficiencies that are found are often in iron, iodine, and vitamin A, specifically in both children and pregnant women.


Deficiencies involving micronutrients are able to cause health conditions that can be both visible and dangerous. Additionally, they can also result decreases in mental clarity, overall capacity, and energy level. As a result, those suffering from these deficiencies are likely to experience decreased educational outcomes, work productivity, and an increased risk of suffering from other diseases.

The vast majority of these types of deficiencies are able to be prevented via education involving nutrition and enjoying a more healthy diet that contains more diverse types of foods. These types of programs have made amazing strides in decreasing deficiencies in micronutrients in recent decades.

Both minerals and vitamins are able to be divded into a group of four separate categories:

*Water-soluble vitamins

*Fat-soluble vitamins


*Trace minerals

No matter what specific types they may be, vitamins and minerals are always absorbed by your body in similar ways, and they also interact in many different processes.

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