Everyone loves to celebrate a special occasion with family or to just take a break from the day-to-day by meeting friends for a night out on the town. When alcohol is consumed at these events, you may develop a hangover the next day. Even when you drink responsibly, sometimes it takes some time for your body to bounce back. So, what can you do about a hangover? 


First things first: understand what a hangover is and what causes one. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), “A hangover refers to a set of symptoms that occur as a consequence of drinking too much.” Hangovers occur because your body is experiencing alcohol withdrawal characterized by a variety of physiological and psychological signs. 

When it comes to what causes a hangover chemically, a lot happens in the brain. Hangovers send signals to the brain that something is wrong; neurotransmitters send mixed messages because of chemicals like ethanol, ethanal, and ethanoate which are used widely in the creation of alcoholic beverages. This can sometimes lead to toxic effects on the body; this toxicity can contribute to severe hangover symptoms as well as alcohol-induced dehydration. The chemical composition of alcohol and how it contributes to hangovers is complex.

IV Hydration Helps with Hangovers



The signs and symptoms of a hangover can differ from one person to another. Drinking a lot of alcohol can cause fatigue, dizziness, headaches, nausea and vomiting, and difficulty sleeping, among other things. Additionally, hangovers due to alcohol overconsumption can cause irritation in your stomach lining, inflammatory immune responses–which contribute to lack of focus and memory–and even blood sugar level dips that contribute to increased hunger, weakness in limbs, lack of focus, and mood swings. And because alcohol is a diuretic (i.e., it increases urine production and removes salt and water from the body), it can cause dehydration as well.

People often search for quick fixes and hangover cures with no luck. IV hydration therapy offers an accessible solution that is efficient and effective in most cases. The benefits of IV hydration after a hangover include decreased effects of dehydration, body toxin removal, boosted immunity and organ function, and increased brain function.

IV hydration therapy, like that performed by Humble Hydration & Wellness, is a modern hydration system for the body that delivers fluids directly into the bloodstream. Doing a quick online search for “mobile iv therapy near me” in the Sacramento, CA area will point you to Humble Hydration & Wellness, a concierge IV hydration provider with a team of wellness professionals who can administer fluids via IV drip to replenish your electrolytes and other vitamins and minerals your body needs. Contact Humble Hydration & Wellness today.


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