Red Light Therapy in Elk Grove

red light therapy in elk grove

Searching for Red Light Therapy in Elk Grove? You have come to the right place. Red light therapy is used by many to improve skin quality, speed wound healing, stimulate hair growth, reduce chronic pain, and improve workout recovery times. Studies indicate that red light therapy’s effects occur due to the stimulative effect that red and NIR wavelengths of light have on mitochondria, the energy center of the cells. We dive deeper into each potential benefit of red-light therapy in other articles, but the benefits of red and near-infrared light therapy include:

• Stimulates wound healing and tissue repair
• Reduces aging effects by supporting collagen production
• Reduces pain by decreasing swelling and inflammation
• Improves joint health
• Improves physical performance through improved muscle recovery and energy levels
• Improves sleep quality and duration

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