Effects Of Dehydration. Generally defined, dehydration is what occurs whenever you don’t have an adequate amount of water in your body. Typically, the human body contains a lot of water and can help to keep your body healthy. Mild dehydration can result in issues involving blood pressure, body temperature, and overall heart rate. Severe dehydration, however, can result in symptoms such as confusion and/or weakness. In more extreme incidents, dehydration can lead to brain damage and death.

Long-Term Effects of Dehydration

Every single day, water in the body is lost through sweat, breathing, urine, stool, and tears. The lost water is replaced by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain plenty of water. It’s also important to note that dehydration is something that can have multiple causes, such as losing water from either vomiting or diarrhea and even exercising in hot weather conditions. Losing water is a situation that often results in an electrolyte imbalance.

Some of the most common causes of dehydration include the following:





*Medicines that cause additional amounts of urination

If you meet any of the following criteria, you are more likely to be at risk for dehydration:

*You have diarrhea

*You are vomiting

*You’re doing anything active in hot weather

*You sweat a lot following exercising

*You are an adult who is aged 60 or older

Depending on the individual, the overall symptoms of dehydration are able to be different. Some of the most common include the following:





*Muscular cramps

*Decrease in urine

*Dry mouth

*Urine that is either light brown or dark yellow

*Dry skin or dry tongue




*Increased heart rate and breathing

When it comes to preventing dehydration, this is something that can vary. On average, however, an individual should drink approximately two to three quarts of liquid every day. Perhaps the most effective method is to drink 12 8-ounce glasses of liquid every day in order to help reach this specific goal. If you are in hot weather, however, drinking more is highly recommended. Some of the most common drinks include the following:



*Fruit juice

*Sports drinks

*Drinks that contain electrolytes

*Soda that has no caffeine

*Tea that has no caffeine

*Coffee that has no caffeine


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