Are you interested in IV hydration, but don’t know where to start looking for information? Maybe you’ve searched online for “drip hydration near me” or “mobile IV therapy near me” and have found providers, but no real answers about what it is or how it can benefit you. Well, look no further: here are some basics to get you started on your health and wellness journey with IV hydration therapy!


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IV hydration therapy, sometimes referred to as drip hydration therapy, is a health and wellness service that has gained popularity in recent years. IV hydration therapy is used to treat patients who suffer from dehydration and/or electrolyte imbalances, replenishing them via infusion of fluids through an intravenous drip directly into their bloodstream. It is a simple procedure that has proven to be safe and effective in medical settings and health and wellness clinics and spas.

There are different types of IV fluids used for hydration therapy. The type used for each patient can vary, depending on specific needs; the drip can contain one or a combination of vitamins and minerals, and sometimes medication(s). You can choose from a wide variety of IV drip offerings, from standard hydration to athletic performance mixtures, energy and immune-boosting mixtures, and more. How quickly you feel results depends on the specific type of IV drip you choose, on top of the overall state of your personal health at the time you receive the treatment.


IV hydration therapy is an efficient and effective way to deliver fluids directly into your bloodstream for optimal absorption of included vitamins and minerals. When introduced into the body intravenously, they are easier for the body to absorb than when given in pill form; and the health benefits can manifest more quickly. (Pills containing high concentrations of vitamins and minerals only allow for the absorption of a certain percentage of those ingredients, whereas IV hydration therapy can be used to overcome this by bypassing the digestive system.) Patients who use hydration therapy receive a revitalizing surge of the nutrients they need for their unique health and wellness. The use of an IV drip allows for fast results when it comes to providing or replacing nutrients that your body needs to enhance how you feel.

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